5 Kitchen Decorating Ideas on a Budget


Paint It! Budget Kitchen Painting Tips

One of the cheapest, easiest ways to transform a space is to transform its color. This can be accomplished by changing the wall color, the cabinet color or simply by adding rugs, accessories and other color accents.

There's a lot to consider when you're choosing a new color scheme for your kitchen. First, how do you want the space to feel? Welcoming? Posh? Stunning? A lot of research has been done on the effect of color on mood. In general, blues are calming, while reds are more energizing [source: Arango]. Also, the way we feel about color is subjective. If we spent a lot of happy times in our aunt's celery-colored kitchen, we may be drawn to a pallet of soft greens.

Next, the décor style you've chosen will have a big impact on the type of color you select. Country décor features soft, muted colors in milk-paint finishes. Mediterranean styles are inspired by the sea and sky, as well as by the terra cottas, lavenders and yellows found in nature. Modern style, on the other hand, uses a neutral, often white color palette with sleek, polished finishes.

Kitchen cabinet and paint upgrades provide the more dramatic foundations for a kitchen decorating project. Next, we look at how decluttering your space can immediately elevate it from amateur to awesome.