5 Father-Son Shopping Tips


Save Something for Later

Engage young kids in your perhaps-slightly-dull shopping (and thereby make them more open to repeating the experience) by making a game of finding words or numbers to read.
Engage young kids in your perhaps-slightly-dull shopping (and thereby make them more open to repeating the experience) by making a game of finding words or numbers to read.

Some guys treat shopping like their last meal before starting a starvation diet. They hit all their favorite stores and necessary stops in one shopping binge as if they hope to never venture forth again. Or they treat it like an extreme sport: buy 12 items at seven stores, stuff them into the hatchback, slalom through rush-hour traffic and be back home in time for Mythbusters. Granted, some people thrive under this kind of pressure. Others, especially youngsters, end up exhausted, overwhelmed and grouchy. Misery may love company, but it's a lousy basis for bonding.

Even if you live for the rush, try to leave something for next time. Doing so reminds you both that there will be a next time -- this is not a special, limited-time offer. It also gives you the opportunity to show that you've been paying attention: "It looks like you really liked that swap shop. We'll see what they have next week." Or maybe even: "Hey, Dad, the Army surplus store is having a 20-percent off sale next Tuesday. What do you say I pick you up and we make a day of it?"

You can't put a price on something like that.

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