5 Easy Frugal Living Tips

Make It, Do It or Grow It Yourself

The Internet has fostered countless communities that promote a do-it-yourself lifestyle. IkeaHacks, for example, publishes creative ways to use cheap Ikea products as gifts, home decor, decorations, and more. HackaDay provides a more general look at Internet hacking and do-it-yourself culture, highlighting a different project daily. If you're thinking about buying something for your home, chances are a little Googling can help you find a homemade alternative that saves money.

Growing food at home has been common practice since long before the Internet came into being, and it's still a smart way to save money today. Seeds are dirt cheap, and home grown vegetables are fresher than what you get from the local supermarket. The downside to these practices is, of course, that they take time. It takes hard work and hours to cultivate a garden. DIY projects are exactly that -- projects. They require time commitments and personal labor.

If you work a full-time job or have a family to take care of, sometimes time is more valuable than money. So plan carefully! Buy things that would take too long to make yourself, and consider gardening or DIY home decor projects worthwhile hobbies. If you enjoy either one, you'll end up having fun while saving money in the process.

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