5 Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget


A Custom Headboard

You can create a headboard out of almost anything.
You can create a headboard out of almost anything.

A headboard can be a beautiful statement piece in your bedroom, but nice headboards can also be pretty costly. Pull out some tools and make your own for a unique twist.

With a little bit of imagination, you can turn all sorts of found objects into a headboard. Paint old wooden shutters and mount them on the wall for a rustic look; place a tall shelving unit behind the bed to create a headboard with bonus storage space, or use a room divider as a headboard. You can also do a faux headboard with paint -- just tape off the space where your headboard will be, grab your roller, and go! Here are a more headboard ideas to get you going:

  • Feeling handy? Build a fun, DIY headboard from recycled wood. All that you need are the wood, a few simple tools and a vision.
  • If woodworking isn't your thing, you can create a focal point out of fabric instead. A string of pennants draped above the bed makes a beautiful faux headboard. You can save even more by using scrap fabric, vintage linens you find at the thrift store, or even paper to create your bunting.
  • For an even simpler project, use wallpaper to create a DIY headboard very inexpensively. Shop around for some pretty, modern wallpaper in your color scheme, then cut it to size and carefully glue it to the wall behind your bed.

Now that you've put some work into revamping your bedroom, it's time to make sure it looks neat and tidy.