5 Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Less Equals More (Style)

There's a reason high-end hotel rooms and spas are so relaxing, and we aren't even referring to the absence of roaring bosses and demanding children. These spaces-turned-oases give you room to breathe.

They're uncluttered, for starters, and (not coincidentally) they smell really, really good. You can get the same effect without taking out a loan or hocking your jewelry by doing two simple things: Store toiletries out of sight and stick to a monochromatic scheme. Editing the space and limiting the colors will be soothing. Plus, the total effect can make a room seem larger, which can be especially pleasing when it comes to small bathrooms.

Finish the look with a few strategically placed candles and bath salts infused with your essential oil of choice. Essential oils are very strong, so those tiny bottles will go a long way. For a spalike touch, mist a linen spray on bath towels [source: Terry]. DIY Web sites have easy recipes for making your own -- they're really just essential oils, alcohol and water. Alternately, if you have an out-of-control herb garden or leftovers from cooking, a bundle of thyme or rosemary sprigs tied with pretty ribbon or simple twine could make for a pretty sight and scent. The most relaxing part of all may be that this bathroom facelift didn't cost you a fortune.

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