5 Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget


Well-appointed Updates

Update the look of your bathroom by replacing your bathroom sink hardware with a larger version normally used in a kitchen. The swap will give the room a high-end appeal on a low-end budget [source: Ahern].

Go big with the mirror over the bathroom's vanity. Give it a custom look (on the cheap) by having your local home improvement store or glass specialist cut a mirror to fit a vintage (read: thrift store or garage sale) frame. You can make smaller mirrors into elegant toiletry trays by backing them with felt, too [source: O'Hea].

If your tub and tile are looking forlorn, it may pay to call in an expert to reglaze them. The multistep process involves sanding and applying a special paint that can bring timeworn products back to life, but is probably best left to the experts -- or a friend who has done it before with good results and can offer advice. Search the Web for detailed DIY instructions before you start. You can give the job a twist by using colored paint instead of standard white [source: Better Homes and Gardens]. The money you save by refreshing your bathroom's existing items may be just as thrilling as the outcome.