10 Ways to Become a Super Saving Mom

I'll take it -- for less.
Wait, you mean I could have haggled for these caulking products?!
Wait, you mean I could have haggled for these caulking products?!
David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You don't often confuse Home Depot for an Indian bazaar, but it turns out that it's not so wrong to. As the economy struggles along, more retailers -- including big box stores and even clothing retailers -- are quietly willing to let their salespeople haggle with a customer on prices.

According to the New York Times, Home Depot has "adopted an 'entrepreneurial spirit' campaign to give ... more latitude on prices in order to retain customers" [source: Richtel]. They're not the only company; electronics stores like Best Buy and even apparel companies have been more open to bargaining these days. So how does one ask for a lower price without looking like a fool?

First of all, do your research. One of the reasons that haggling works is that the internet has made us aware of what deals can be snagged. If you've looked into it and found an item for a better value at a different store, that's a great place to start. Being the customer that is ready and willing to buy something but can easily spend your money elsewhere is a great position to be in.

Next up, let's look at some strategies for buying clothes and items for kids.

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