10 Ways to Become a Super Saving Mom


Grocery Savings

If you happen to catch reality television often, you might think that couponing is an excellent way to save money, take up time, and possibly lose your mind. True, couponing has gotten rather extreme these days, but you don't have to be obsessed to save some family money.

For one, coupons are now a lot more accessible. Instead of clipping whatever coupons came in the weekly circular, we know have access to sites like couponmom.com, coupounmountain.com, and even store- or brand-specific places (think BettyCrocker.com or just visiting your favorite grocery store's website). This is great for super-saver moms because you're not just buying whatever is on sale whether you need it or not; you can actually plan ahead and snoop out online what you already need.

Here's a less intuitive tip: DON'T plan ahead. Instead of going grocery shopping with specific ideas in mind, make up meals on the spot with whatever is on sale, or what you find is cheaper. Although we're used to hearing that planning meals will save money and time, a savvy parent just might find that abandoning the plans for roast beef is going to save a lot of money when you can tell the rotisserie chicken is cheap and can last for three nights of leftovers.

Let's swing our shopping cart to the next page and turn on the charm, because we're going to learn if it's really possible for a thrifty mom to haggle her way into a better price.