10 Ways to Become a Super Saving Mom


To Bulk or Not to Bulk?

Buying at bulk stores like Costco can save you dough.
Buying at bulk stores like Costco can save you dough.
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When you're in the large, cavernous spaces of Costco or Sam's Club, it's easy to think that there is virtually no place cheaper in the world. Nine tubes of toothpaste for ten dollars? Three gallons of maple syrup for the price of a six pack of beer? Dried mangoes for seven dollars, in a box bigger than your head? It is, as they say, a waste of money NOT to buy it.

And guess what -- you will save money. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service did note lower prices in bulk stores, on average [source: AARP]. Unfortunately, the "on average" part is pretty important. Because although some stores might show lower prices on many items, others might be closer to nearby groceries, and those groceries will have lower prices to compete. Before you buy, do check out how much bulk buying is saving compared to a good deal -- or even an average day -- at a grocery store.

You will no doubt find a great deal at the bulk stores on something, but remember the reason we like going to bulk stores in the first place: the sudden, gripping need to buy things we just don't need. Impulse buying is already a no-no for frugal moms; coming home with pounds of bulk impulse buys is even worse.

We're on our way to savings now! But here comes a biggie. How can a super-saving mom coupon without losing her super-sanity? Or is there ways to save without paper cuts and exhausted minds? Read on to find out more.