10 Ways to Become a Super Saving Mom


Don't Pay Adult Prices for Kids' Stuff

Cut your kids' hair yourself, and you'll save a bundle.
Cut your kids' hair yourself, and you'll save a bundle.
Jeff Greenough/the Agency Collection/Getty Images

Kids are cute, whether they're dressed up for formal events (little bow ties are adorable!), covered in mud or wearing superhero costumes. With this in mind, remember that your kid doesn't need expensive products, clothes and maintenance to make them cute.

So how does that translate to saving money? First step, don't be afraid to wield those scissors. Sure, we all have cringe-inducing ideas -- or perhaps memories -- of what a made-by-mom haircut can look like. With the glory of the internet, you can look up haircuts for your kids that are free, easy, and won't have them looking like a cartoon character. Along with instructions, there's a plethora of videos that allow you to snip with security.

Keep in mind that many kids don't just want a trim, but a style, like intricate braiding. Many stylists for youngsters may not be accustomed to the needs of all hair types. It's easy to find videos or tutorials on how to achieve haircuts or styles specific to certain hair types or ethnicities, so you aren't stuck paying a stylist who didn't understand the first thing about your child's hair.

As we'll see in the next section, the internet is chock-full of moms who are happy to share their wisdom with peers. Read on to discover some sites where you'll find savings (and maybe a little bit of camaraderie).