10 Ways to Become a Super Saving Mom


Shop after the drop.

Those cheerful back-to-school deals are tempting, but plan ahead and buy after the sale has peaked, and you'll do even better.
Those cheerful back-to-school deals are tempting, but plan ahead and buy after the sale has peaked, and you'll do even better.
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There's a few times a year we can't seem to avoid shelling out money for our families: back-to-school in the fall, around the holidays and around summer vacations. But instead of dreading each season's new demand on your pocketbook, any super-saver mom can relish these times to get the very best deals -- while also planning like a pro.

The simplest solution is to simply not buy during these high-peak times. Sounds easy enough, but as we pointed out, we can't exactly send kids to school in three-inch-short jeans or tell them they won't be receiving holiday presents this year. We all know that after the holiday rush has passed the real deals emerge, as stores are desperate to get rid of stock that has become outdated or unwanted overnight. The same applies to any seasonal push, and taking advantage of this by buying off-season is simply the most effective way to get awesome deals on new merchandise.

Of course, don't just buy for the sake of buying. Plan holiday presents a year ahead, or take the opportunity to use post-Christmas sales to stock up for birthdays. Buying back to school supplies after the fall rush is a great way to keep a cheap stock for year-round refills. And remember that it doesn't just apply to clothes and gifts; holiday-themed treats and decorations look and taste just as good the day or week after the holiday. Your kids will be happy to find black-and-orange Halloween treats in lunches any time of year, and holiday ornaments bought in mid-January will not be outdated by December.

Now that you've got all the tricks to being a super savvy saving mom, read ahead to find even more information about ways to maintain your household without hurting your wallet.

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