10 Ways to Become a Super Saving Mom


Make it! Bake it! Fix it!

We all know the stereotypical DIY mom who makes all her kids' barrettes and sends lunches to school with sandwiches made from fresh bread. And while we kind of don't like that mom, we have to hand it to her that she knows how to keep those household expenses down.

With the proliferation of DIY sites on the internet -- including mommy-oriented ones like momsdiy.com and wondermom.net -- there's more information than ever about how to save money by doing projects at home. Crafts and projects are a great way to entertain kids without breaking the bank. If you've got one eye on rowdy kids and another on a pile of old paper bags, you can easily search a link-sharing site like Pinterest.com for "paper bags" and find ideas that will bring the two together.

While baking bread for daily lunches sounds like a pain, we'd be remiss to pretend that making things from scratch isn't a terrific way to save money. Shopping once a week and planning meals ahead will ensure no expensive last-minute pizza delivery dinners, and over-priced pre-packaged lunch trays for the kids.

But crafts and cooking aren't the only ways to save money by doing it yourself. Read on for more ways to be a super savvy mom.