10 Ways to Become a Super Saving Mom

Our tips will help you do this.
Our tips will help you do this.
Elyse Lewin/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

While being a mom is an entirely volunteer position, it doesn't mean that it's a cheap job. Any mother who has been asked to bake cupcakes for a classroom birthday party, pick up Halloween costumes and realized that they needed to replenish the pencil and paper supplies for the little ones' backpacks all in a single day knows that being a mom adds up.

Every single one of these activities has the potential to be way more expensive than it needs to be. In the next ten pages, we'll explore some lesser-known ideas for turning mommy-duty into a well-oiled savings machine. We'll also get you into the loop of some terrific websites and blogs that do the savings work for you, by keeping track of discounted items, special deals, and even your own financial and budgeting information.

Read on for how something like an at-home haircut will save your family expensive upkeep costs -- no bowl required.