10 Ways Big Families Can Save Money


Play a Little Brinksmanship

It's one thing to decide to jettison pricey items like your cable TV package or high-speed Internet altogether. If you think you can handle the mutiny it might spawn amongst other family members, then eliminating those items can really help bolster your monthly savings. But if you'd rather maintain the peace that comes from letting your family have access to "Friends" reruns 24 hours a day while still paying a lot less it helps, literally, to just ask for a better price [source: James].

Kyle James, who runs the Web site RatherBeShopping.com, which is dedicated to helping families live on a budget, suggests calling your cable or Internet providers' customer service numbers and telling them you'd like to cancel because they're simply too expensive. "In this down economy, they don't want to lose your business and will do almost anything to keep you as a loyal customer," he says. "I recently did this and received $15 off my satellite bill for one year, and got the introductory DSL rate of $19.99 per month for two years from AT&T. It took all of 15 minutes and I now save $25 per month or $300 every year."

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