10 Ways Big Families Can Save Money


Grow a Garden and Make Your Own Food

One of the main credos of the local food movement is that buying and consuming produce from large grocery stores -- which often pack their shelves with items that have been shipped thousands of miles -- is bad for the environment. But the food's not as tasty or nutritious as locally grown fruits and veggies, either.

Well nothing could be more local or economical than fresh produce grown in your own backyard, so one good way to save on food is to plant a garden and use the goodies you cultivate to make delicious meals. "Having your own garden is easy to maintain and will allow you to expand the number of items you can make homemade," Schrage says. "And if the financial incentives aren't enough, remember that making food from scratch is not only tastier, but also a healthier alternative to buying processed foods."

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