10 Unexpected Things You Should Haggle Over


Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Any time there's a contract, there's room for negotiation, especially when the contract is for a menu of services over time. And like any contract, it's worth reading the fine print. What exactly are the benefits offered in a nursing home or assisted living contract, and what could they be if you asked? Try talking your way into increased benefits for the same price.

Like long-term contracts for cell phones, cable and internet, you might find a discount for monthly direct withdrawal from your bank account, for locking in a long-term contract or for bundling services. Similar to a cruise, a nursing home that sails along with empty beds is throwing away money. In a nursing home with low occupancy, you might find more room for a deal. In one recent case, a Florida woman successfully haggled to cut her father's $3,875 monthly room cost in half [source: TIME].