10 Painless Ways to Save Money


Rethink Your Ride

See how some folks manage a carless commute and learn about how bicycles work in our bicycle video playlist.

Not everyone can opt to walk or ride a bicycle to their job instead of firing up a four-wheeled gas hog. If your climate and proximity to work offer the opportunity to walk or pedal during your commute, however, you could save $100 or more each month thanks to not having to fuel up your vehicle to get there.

You also could cut a few hundred dollars from your annual fixed expenses by shopping around for lower auto insurance rates. The key isn't to switch to a liability-only policy, which doesn't pay to repair your vehicle after an accident. Instead, compare a standard or basic policy across several different auto insurance providers. You're sure to discover a range of rates for similar coverage [source: Kristof]. And if you make this an annual habit, you can keep the rates low by getting the best deal year after year. Just check with your current provider first to make sure you won't be missing out on even greater loyalty benefits if you switch.