10 Painless Ways to Save Money


Go for Cheap Thrills

We're creatures of habit, but these habits can cost a lot of money in the long run. Instead of the usual dinner and a movie, try a variety of free activities and pocket the savings. You could start by hosting a potluck and then screening a movie that you borrowed for free from your local library. And rather than paying $80 or more for a concert packed with screaming fans, seek out free music performances in your community. Art museums and local venues, as well as upscale shopping centers, often host free concerts on weekends [source: Derrick].

You also could save big by becoming a tourist in your own town. Most local art museums, historical sites and homes offer admission for a nominal donation or, in some cases, for free. And if your city offers walking tours, take advantage of them. You can discover more free or low-cost attractions by visiting the Web site of your local chamber of commerce or convention and visitor bureau.

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