10 Cost-effective Ways to Shop for a Vacation


Choose a Packaged Deal or Tour Vacation

Complete package vacations like those notorious European tours that hit 20 cities in 12 days can save you money because the sponsors negotiate great rates for directing lots of business to local venues and merchants. You save, and everyone else involved makes money. You'll beat the published rates for everything from hotel rooms to museum admission prices by attaching yourself to a tour group. You can also score a few freebies and upgrades you wouldn't be eligible for on your own. The downside is that you'll likely be on a strict schedule, and there could be quite a few rules and some restrictions involved. You can find vacation packages to suit almost any lifestyle and interest. If you like the idea of being able to follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes (or Harry Potter) without having to do all the research yourself, a packaged tour vacation might be perfect for you.