10 Cost-effective Ways to Shop for a Vacation


Plan on Traveling Light

The days when you could cajole the airlines into letting you add another bag to your luggage for free are a distant memory. These days every inch and ounce counts. If you plan on taking a few extras on holiday, like all your makeup and a beguiling assortment of shoes, consider traveling lighter. The airlines charge extra for amenities these days, including extra luggage, based on weight, size and quantity. Make sure you aren't derailing your travel budget before you ever arrive at your destination. Even if you have to pick up a few basic items once you get where you're going, you'll probably save money by not having to pay extra to transport additional stuff. Policies regarding how much is considered too much varies from airline to airline, so check your carrier's Web site for details. Seriously, though, don't you usually over pack for pleasure trips? Lose the bulk. You'll never miss it.