How Human Networking Works

Maintaining Your Networks

Photo courtesy NOAA

Never eat alone: This rule is obviously one no one can follow 100 percent. It's just a great way to remember to share your passions -- to invite others into the activities you are already enjoy doing. I really love sharing delicious food, good wine and great company. I also bring friends to workouts or to church. You might have similar passions, or you might enjoy doing community service, gardening or watching movies.

If you'll just remember to share your passions, building and deepening relationships will take no extra time than you already devote to your favorite activities, and people will see you in your best light (instead of in those nasty fluorescents of your office space).

Just as people lose weight more effectively if they have a workout partner, your ongoing efforts to build relationships will be more successful if you team up. You and your buddy can provide each other support, guidance and motivation. And you'll always be prepared to try one of my favorite tactics -- trading networks. Throw a dinner party together, and you'll each be responsible for only half the guest list, half the cost and half the effort. But you'll expand your circle of friends to twice the size, and I guarantee it will be twice the fun!