How to Turn Down a Job

There are many reasons you may want to turn down a job you've been offered. Whatever your reason for turning down a job offer, remember that you may run into or have to work with these people, or people they know, in the future. You may even decide that you want to work at the company at some future date. Therefore it's essential to maintain your positive image even if you don't want to accept a job offer [source: Job Interview & Career Guide]. If you turn down a job offer gracefully, you'll be able to keep doors open for the future.

If you receive a job offer that you don't want to accept, show your respect by letting the company know as soon as you have made your decision. When rejecting a job offer, you should both call the company to inform them of your decision personally and send them a letter as well [source: Job Interview & Career Guide].


In the letter you should:

  • Write with a positive tone.
  • Mention your appreciation for the time and effort spent on you
  • [source: Quintessential Careers].
  • Mention positive aspects of the position you are declining.
  • Note that you regret having to decline the offer.
  • Demonstrate that you would be willing (or even eager) to work with them in the future or if there is a change in certain factors.

[source: Job Interview & Career Guide]

You may or may not decide to include your reason for turning down the job in your letter.