How to Start a Trucking Company

Every product you use got to you after a truck transported it. Without truck drivers, trade wouldn't exist as it does today. Starting a trucking company is a great business idea everywhere across the United States. If you're an experienced truck driver, here's what you can do to start a trucking company:

  1. Create a business plan Your first step is creating a business plan. Figure out your initial start up costs based on what equipment or property you'll need. Calculate the costs of fuel and salaries against what you can charge for your freight service. You may need investors to support you in the beginning [source: Start a Trucking Company].
  2. Register your business Come up with a name for your company. File for a Federal Identification Number and register your business in your state. You may want to enlist the help of a lawyer, especially if you want to incorporate your business [source: SBA].
  3. Obtain the proper permits and licensing To be a registered trucking company, you need to get a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Authority, a Department of Transportation number, Unified Carrier Registration, an International Fuel Tax Agreement license and possibly other trucking permits, depending on your business model [source: Truckers Accounting and Permitting Service].
  4. Market your services You may already have some leads from your experience as a truck driver, but you'll need more than just those to run a successful company. Print up business cards, advertise on the Web and build your own Web site. Also, offer your services to companies that might need freight delivered [source: Start a Trucking Company].
  5. Hire more drivers Eventually, you'll want to expand your company to generate more business. Find the most skilled and qualified drivers who will represent your business they same way you would [source: Start a Trucking Company].