How to Nail a Job Interview

An interview is a formal meeting set by an employer to meet a potential employee to see whether he is qualified to work in a given company. An interview is really your only chance to stand out and make a great first impression, and highlight your skills. You have to convince the interviewer that you're the one. Many interviewers form their opinion of you within the first few minutes of the interview. Many people fail their job interviews because of the anxiety and awkwardness they portray. The most important things to remember when going to a job interview are the three P's: Preparation, Presentation and Performance. Below are some tips to help you nail your next job interview.

  • Learn as much as you can about the company you are interviewing with and how you can be an asset to them.
  • Ask questions about the company during an interview. This shows you're interested in the company.
  • Sit in front of a mirror and talk about yourself using clear, concise language. Try to imagine that you're talking to an interviewer. Make yourself understood the first time so you don't have to be asked to repeat what you said.
  • Tailor your resume to match the job you're applying for. Speak positively about yourself and cite previous experience.
  • Dress appropriately. It's always better to be dressed formally rather than casually for an interview. Both men and women should dress in a smart business suit. Women should keep jewelry to a minimum.
  • React to the interviewer's mannerisms. Be ready to shake hands if he/she offers to. Don't speak loudly if the interviewer speaks in a low voice.
  • Turn your cell phone off. Very little is worse than having your cell phone ring in the middle of an interview.