How to Make a Flyer

Whether you're promoting an upcoming concert, finding a lost pet or having a garage sale, flyers are a fast, easy and cheap way to get your message out there. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to make an eye-catching flyer.

  1. Plan Before executing the flyer, plan what information you want to present on your flyer. Consider having a bright, eye-catching picture and an interesting headline. Make sure that all the important information is included, such as date, time, location and phone number.
  2. Use a computer program The most attention-grabbing flyers are made on the computer. Use your word processor or use software specifically for making flyers and brochures [source: Smart Draw].
  3. Create a border Using a border to frame your flyer is a good way to direct your reader's eye to relevant information. A border will make the flyer look organized and well planned [source: Green].
  4. Include your headline Using the sketch that you made, type out your headline within the flyer's borders. Try out different fonts and choose the one that best relays the tone of your flyer and will grab the interest of passers-by.
  5. Insert an image Choose an image that is easy to distinguish and makes a strong impression. Remember to make the image large enough that people can see it, but small enough to allow all your text on the page.
  6. Include informative text In a font smaller than that of the headline, include the important information that will bring people to your event or enable them to contact you.
  7. Edit Check over your work. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and is well formatted on the page. Once you're happy with your flyer, save a copy on your computer [source: Tech Faq].
  8. Print Make copies of your flyer and post them where your target audience will see them.