How to Launch a New Product

Once you've worked out the logistics of your new product, the steps to bring it to market successfully can be worked out in the following ways:

  • Do some hard research and analysis. Review the industry, and see how you can improve the existing product or service. Be sure to ensure that the potential reward is greater than the risk [source: virgin].
  • Create a business plan. Include all the activities that will be performed by various departments, including manufacturing, marketing, support, service and sales [source: DRM].
  • Create a realistic launch schedule that is 30 to 60 days in the future.
  • Ensure that all the departments are prepared for the launch and understand their responsibilities [source: DRM].
  • Research your competitors and examine how they market their products and how they bring their products to market.
  • Consider distributing samples of your product before the actual launch. Ask recipients how they like the product, and what they would change. Research and analyze any tests and customer feedback. Implement any necessary changes in your product prior to its launch [source: Scanlon].
  • Make sure to get any necessary technical documentation, certification and government approvals [source: DRM].
  • Make sure all production parts and materials are on hand for when the orders come in [source: DRM].
  • Design a Web page to market your product, explain its design and offer contact information.
  • Make use of social media, including blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever is hot or new to promote your product [source: Gunelius].
  • Take advantage of all free directory listings. Contribute an article to a trade journal. Send out special offer postcards to potential customers. Consider distributing coupons for a free or discounted trial of the product [source: Bloomberg]. Join online forums and discussion groups that target your potential customers [source: Covel].
  • Train support and customer service staff to handle calls or requests [source: DRM].
  • Protect your reputation and that of the product by delivering what you promise [source: virgin].