How to Handle a Backstabbing Coworker

When it comes to the work place, some people have no morals. Human nature being what it is, if an employee outshines others, he may become a victim of harassment by coworkers. Backstabbers are often familiar faces who are very friendly in public. However they want to get ahead of you, and will stoop to the lowest levels to achieve their goals. Dealing with backstabbers can be exhausting. Here are some tips about how to deal with backstabbers.

  • Don't get emotional. Your boss will look much more favorably on a cool, level-headed person who presents the facts in a logical fashion without interjecting personal issues.
  • Gather as much information about the backstabber as possible. Do this discreetly and quietly so he won't find out what you're doing. Make sure all your complaints are supported by evidence.
  • Get people on your side. Let your friends know exactly what's happening and gain their sympathy. They may even be able to dispel the false information about you.
  • Be on good terms with your boss or supervisor. Show him what a great employee you are and how valuable you are to the organization. It's difficult for a backstabber when you have friends in high places.
  • Don't confront the backstabber, as it could ignite the situation even more. Remember, he wants you to lose you temper and become vulnerable. It's probably best to distance yourself from the backstabber as much as possible.
  • Be as cordial as you can. Even if things have gotten so bad that you have to leave the company, your cordial behavior will serve you well if you want to return to the company in the future.