How to Get Your Resume Noticed

Job searches can be long and demanding. In today's job market, you have to make sure that your resume stands out from the tall pile. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to get your resume noticed.

  • Fine tune your vocabulary. Employers often skim resumes and decide at a glance whether you're right for the job. Make sure that your resume is littered with verbs that will make the employer take notice. By using verbs when describing your prior experience you demonstrate assertiveness. Include words, such as "organized", "saved", "created", "restructured" and "implemented" to show the employer that you're an efficient employee [source: Lowery].
  • Tailor the resume to fit the job you're applying to. Never send the same resume twice. Your experience can be expressed in many ways. Modify it to reflect the tone, language and expectations of the job description, showing that you're likeminded and qualified [source: Imahal].
  • Join online networks. The Internet is the most popular way to find a job in today's market. Expand your network and connections by joining online job conversations. Promoting yourself and your skills will enable you to get noticed by employers searching the internet for new staff members [source: Schneider].
  • Avoid technological aggravations. Because most resumes are sent via the Internet, you have to ensure that employers don't encounter technical problems when they open your resume. If they can't open it, they won't read it. PDF files are too big and difficult to read, so many employers just skip over them. Send potential employers your resume as an MS Word document, and post it as an HTML document online [source: Lowery].