How to Get a Record Deal

There's no tried and true way to get a record deal. Talent and connections help, but luck is what's ultimately needed to have the crowds singing along and calling your name. With patience and persistence, you can grab the attention of the music producers and the public. Read the steps listed below and learn about how you can get a record deal.

  1. Practice and hone your skills. Practice is the only way to become a trained and talented artist. It's especially important to practice before gigs and demos, because nothing captures the attention of a record producer better than a great song.
  2. Play gigs in local concert halls. Playing to crowds -- no matter how small -- will not only help build your following, it will get you noticed. Hundreds of talent scouts roam the small, local hot spots, recruiting new talent for their record companies. Getting spotted by a talent scout will push you to the front of the line at the record company [source: Lefevre].
  3. Make a demo. A demo enables record labels to hear your music. Make sure the demo has excellent sound quality. A good quality demo will separate yours from the others [source: Skye Lab].
  4. Send the demo to record labels. Check out the sleeves of the records that you like and that have a sound similar to yours. Mail your demo to those record labels. It's best to call the record label and ask who listens to demos. Assistants sift through thousands of demos and only hand over a very few to the label executives. A personally addressed demo will have more of a chance at being heard [source: BBC].
  5. Be patient. Getting a record deal is a slow process. Making new music, updating your webpage with your latest songs and sending new demos to the record labels will ensure that you keep the music fresh and increase your chance of getting a record deal [source: BBC].