How to Get a Job With No Experience

Today's job market seems intimidating. There are so many experienced people vying for the same position. But don't worry. There are ways to edit your resume and steps you can take to make you a more attractive candidate. Read the steps listed below and learn about how you can get a job with no experience.

  • Think about what experience you have. Work experience is not the only type of experience that you can add to your resume. List the job skills you will need for your desired position and how you've acquired those necessary skills.
  • Complete an internship. Internships are one of the best ways to acquire job skills and make the contacts necessary to obtain employment in your field. Research the companies you would like to work at and see if they have an internship that you can apply for [source: Adornetto].
  • Volunteer in your desired field. Volunteering will not only help people in your community, it will enable you to get a hands-on feel for your desired position. Also, your volunteer work can be added to your resume. This will show your prospective employer that you have the skills and experience required for the job, and that you're dedicated and resourceful [source: Boyd].
  • Express passion for your field. During your job interview, show the interviewer that you hold a deep passion for your prospective job. Send the message that although most jobs entail training that can easily be learned, passion is a quality that can't be taught. Your drive and dedication to your field will enable you to perform at a higher level than those with more work experience [source: Adornetto].