How to Find Unadvertised Jobs

Today's job market is a scary place with many hopefuls vying for the same posted position. Increase your odds of finding a job by applying for unadvertised job vacancies. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to find unadvertised jobs.

  1. Networking You have more connections than think. Online social networks are fantastic at helping you remember all the people you know who can hook you up with a job. Never put it past a relative, friend, neighbor or familiar face to be the one to help you out with employment. Tell people you speak to that you're looking for work and they may have suggestions or know someone you can speak to [source: Canada Jobs].
  2. Volunteering While you're looking for a job, spend your free time volunteering at something you enjoy. Volunteer positions can easily turn into paid positions when you interact with leaders in the field and show them your dedication and passion [source: Traditi].
  3. Cold Calling Envision where you would like to work and simply call the company. Though it may seem scary, cold calling is the reason for many people's employment. It shows that you're genuinely interested in the company and you have the drive to succeed. When you speak with the company's reception, ask to speak to human resources and request an application form or an email address where you can send your resume [source: VIC].
  4. Exploring Often companies only advertise their job positions on their company's website. Make a list of companies where you would like to work and check their websites for a job or career page [source: Canada Jobs]. Remember that if you don't see a job or career section on the website, you can always check the sitemap for a link.