How to Find Cash Flow Notes

In today's financial market, if you have a small sum to invest and can afford to wait for the money to multiply, cash flow notes are an easy way to make money. Many people own notes, but can't afford to wait for their investment to turn a profit. They are often willing to sell the notes to their trust, real estate and even lottery winnings at a discount price for a lump sum of money. If you have the time to wait for a return on your investment, buying cash flow notes is a profitable business venture. Read the steps listed below to learn about how you can find cash flow notes.

  1. Contact agencies holding cash flow notes. There are many agencies that own cash notes. They may include real estate agents, banks and mortgage brokers. Call these agencies and ask them if they are interested in selling their cash flow notes.
  2. Contact private owners of cash notes. Visit your local land registration office and search the public records that show a property's mortgage owners. Contact owners and ask if they would like to sell their cash notes. Remember that the majority of the people you contact will not agree to sell their notes. You must remain positive and determined in order to find owners willing to sell cash notes worth buying [source: Richards].
  3. Advertise your willingness to buy cash notes. You can advertise your interest in buying cash notes in investment magazines, real estate publications and websites, and daily papers. Keep in mind that people who are readily willing to sell their cash notes may be presenting you with an objectionable offer. Always thoroughly research any potential investment and consult with an investment specialist or lawyer before signing any contract [source: Morrongiello].