How to Decide On a Career

Choosing a career can be quite a challenge for high school graduates as well as for people who are in the midst of a career change. The basic criterion for choosing a career would be the question of what skills you possess [source: University of South Australia]. For example, if you have good writing skills, then a career in creative writing could be for you. A career is not just a job, where you fulfill the requirements and are done with it. A career is a path that will become part of you and will grow with you. There are people who work for the sake of working, but if you have a career based on your passions and talents you will have a successful career.

Here is a list of things to consider when deciding on a career.


  • Self evaluation Know yourself. Choosing a career that best suits your personality, character and interests is most important. Recognize your interests, skills and knowledge, as well as what you want to do most with your time.
  • Education Education is the spine of all ambitions. A college degree is considered a basic requirement for any job. If you're in college, speak to a careers counselor, who can advise you and help you decide what route to take. If you're not in college consider getting a college degree.
  • Research Researching the current job market is very important. Find out what the availability for jobs is, what industries are experiencing growth and what ones seem to be on the decline.
  • Experience Most things sound better than they really are. You may think a given profession is for you, but the day to day requirements may not be to your liking. Look to gain real world experience by taking a part-time job in the field or perhaps by volunteering [source: University of South Australia, Las Positas College].