How to Deal With a Micromanager

The workplace can often be a battleground of opinions, especially if you have a micromanager on your case. But you're not in a hopeless situation. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to deal with a micromanager.

  • Anticipate encounters Micromanagers are hungry for information and want to stay on top of the latest news or advancements. Don't wait for them to approach you. Anticipate their arrival and provide them with the information they want before they even ask for it [source: Chambers].
  • Clarify expectations After meeting with a micromanager, send an email or memo summarizing all the points discussed. By clarifying your conversation and thoroughly outlining the expectations made of you, both you and the micromanager will have a concise understanding of your tasks [source: Chambers].
  • Watch his relations with other workers A micromanager doesn't usually have a vendetta against you. Rather, he treats most employees the same way. Observe the interactions between the micromanager and someone they seem to get along with. You can learn some coping strategies from that employee [source: Schumacher].
  • Keep an open mind Nobody's perfect. As frustrating as it may be to deal with a control freak, sometimes he may have a point. Analyze and evaluate every critique he provides, and see if it has any validity. You may be able to learn from even the most unbearable of micromanagers, if you keep an open mind [source: Gupta-Sunderji].
  • Remain friendly The underlying emotion that drives most micromanagers is paranoia. They exert control because they fear that they are losing control or are not respected in their position. By remaining friendly and calm, you will not only improve your work situation, you will also ease the micromanager's paranoia and enable them to work with you in a more amicable manner [source: Schumacher].