How to Create a Zip File

If you have large text files saved on your computer that you need for minimal reference, it's a good idea to convert your .txt, .doc and .xls files into .zip files. Zip files are compressed data files that allow you to send, transport, e-mail and download faster [source: WinZip]. As well, creating a zip file will free up space on your computer hard drive, reduce uploading times when sending e-mails, reduce space in your e-mail mailbox and encrypt and protect your sensitive information [source: Microsoft]. Read the steps listed below and learn about how you to create a zip file in Microsoft 2007.

  1. Open your document list.
  2. Right click on the document that you want to make into a .zip file.
  3. Move your mouse over the WinZip command on the shortcut menu. Depending on your version of Microsoft, the command will be worded in one of various ways. Select either Add to Zip File or Add to Archive. This will convert your .doc, .txt and .xls file into a .zip file.
  4. Select Configure in the shortcut menu. This will enable you to control enhancement options, decide if icons are displayed in the menu and what tasks you want the file to perform once it's a .zip file. This step is optional.

Remember that you can always unzip your zip files. Simply right click on the document and choose Extract on the shortcut menu [source: Microsoft]. As well, keep in mind that you can always get support information from the Help menu if you're having difficulties creating or extracting .zip files.