How to Create a Recording Studio

A recording studio contains audio and video equipment, including speakers, microphones and recording equipment [source: BLS]. Until not too long ago, the only recording studios around were professional recording studios that had very expensive equipment. Well, things have really changed drastically. Today, for approximately $3,500 you can set up your own professional recording studio, also known as a digital audio workstation (DAW), in your home. It's a complex system, but with the right computer and the right equipment you can do it [source: Acohido]. Follow these guidelines to learn how to set up your own digital audio workstation.

  • Computer The computer is the most important component of a recording studio. When buying a computer, make sure the motherboard and hard drive have enough capacity to perform all the necessary tasks and have enough storage capacity for all the music you'll be recording. You'll also want to buy some software designed to record music. Do your research, as different software packages are suited to recording different types of music.
  • Microphones Your microphones will pick up the sound signals for recordings. You'll need two types of microphones. One is a condenser or capacitor microphone, which is used by the vocalists and acoustic instruments. The second microphone is known as a dynamic microphone. It's placed directly in front of drums, amplifiers or other instruments.
  • Mixing station The purpose of a mixing station is to control and mix the various audio signals coming from the different sound sources, such as a microphone or instrument, into the audio storage facility, such as the PC or Mac. Different mixing stations have different capabilities, so you'll have to choose the one most suited to your needs.
  • Miscellaneous You'll need speakers in order to listen to your recorded music, as well as headphones to enable you to hear exactly what's being recorded. Last but not least, you'll have to learn all the right techniques needed for recording music [source: BBC].