How to Become a Sports Writer

As a sports writer you will need to write informative, exciting and engaging sports articles on a regular basis. Your main job is to update fans about what's happening in the world of sports, including news about teams, players coaches etc. As a writer you'll be expected to give readers an insight into the performances of teams and their players, and at times suggest ways in which the team might improve its performance. You'll be providing commentaries, statistics, personal opinion and projections for the season. In order to remain abreast of all the information, you will have to do constant research about the teams and players [source: Degree Directory].

Why don't you read on and learn how to become a sports writer.


  1. Know the sport An aspiring sports writer must have broad knowledge of various sports.
  2. Basic education You must obtain a high school diploma. While in high school, concentrate your studies on English, communication and writing skills. It's important that you get experience. You could contribute sports articles to the school newspaper or even to your local paper. Acquire as much knowledge in media writing and reporting as possible.
  3. Higher education Earn a bachelor's degree in journalism with an emphasis on sports journalism. You'll learn techniques of reporting, feature writing, editing, interviewing and perhaps photography.
  4. Experience Employers offering entry-level positions for sports writers prefer candidates that have some experience. A local college newspaper or small-town newspaper is a great place to start. Writing about local amateur sporting events will afford you the opportunity to use your journalism knowledge and will help you to build a portfolio.
  5. Build a portfolio Keep every article you write and begin building a portfolio. When you have an impressive portfolio, you can apply for positions at larger newspapers and other print media. If your work is good, you shouldn't have a hard time finding employment [source: Education].