How to Become a Piercer

Body art continues to grow in popularity all over the United States. More and more people are getting tattoos and piercings, and keep coming up with original placements and designs. As a result, the demand for more tattoo and piercing artists is on the rise too. People will shell out big bucks to have an experienced professional poke holes through their body for the sake of fashion and art. Here's what you can do to become a piercer:

  1. Expand your knowledge The first step to becoming a piercer is to know a lot about piercing. You can watch videos on the web, keep up to date through alternative lifestyle magazines or even attend a seminar or training course. Get to know the field and make sure you really want to be a piercer [source: APP].
  2. Find an apprenticeship Find a piercer willing to teach you. The best way to learn how to become a piercer is from a well-respected, highly skilled and experienced professional from a reputable studio [source: BodyPiercingGuide].
  3. Attend health and safety classes Many health issues are associated with piercing. Take blood borne pathogens, First Aid and CPR classes from nationally accepted organizations such as the Red Cross, OSHA or the National Safety Council [source: BodyPiercingGuide].
  4. Spend three months as a trainee Learn all about sterilization, disinfection and other health and safety issues around the piercing studio [source: APP].
  5. Spend at least six months as an apprentice Before you can be a piercer, you'll need six months to a year of supervised work as an apprentice. Your senior or training piercer will make sure you perform all piercings the right way and teach you the proper techniques for each type of piercing [source: APP].
  6. Obtain a state or county license Many states or at least counties have licensure requirements for body artists like tattooists and piercers. Your senior or training piercer should know what the requirements are for your area. Otherwise, you can check with state's board of health [source: APP].