How to Become a Modeling Agent

Travel the world, party with celebrities and beautiful people, and make piles of money. Working as a modeling agent can be a difficult, but rewarding career. It requires interpersonal skills, business tactics and an eye for beauty. If you can create a successful model, you've made a career for both of you. Read the tips listed below and learn about how you can become a modeling agent.

  • Work Experience Work in the industry and get a feel for the operation. Get work experience in the modeling world by working for a modeling agency. If you live in a large city, apply to work at one of the known firms, such as Ford Models [source: Ford]. But, you don't have to live in a big city. There are modeling agencies nationwide specializing in a wide range of talents -- from those who grace the covers of Vogue to those who advertise a local ice cream shop. Get a foot in the door -- working as a secretary or assistant -- and gain experience in the modeling world.
  • Talent Searches Start small. There's no shame in creating a business from home with a computer, a phone and a list of numbers. But before you start making business deals, you have to find talent. Many famous models were discovered at shopping malls and on the beach. Walk around your city and find some local talent that you can mold into someone famous. You might also consider holding a model search. Rent a space for the search and advertise the search in the local paper and online.
  • Networking A large part of being a modeling agent is knowing how and to whom to talk. Once you find a potential model, go together to parties and events where you can introduce the talent and create a buzz amongst designers, photographers and people in the industry.

As a modeling agent, you will generally make a percentage of the model's salary for any job you find the model [source: modeling advice]. Be prepared to start small, and gradually earn more as you, and your models, become better known.