How to Become a Journalist

The craft of journalism involves researching stories, observing events and interviewing people. Journalists convey news via the media, either through written material or on television, radio or the internet. Good research and writing skills are important for any journalist. A good journalist must be able be to communicate and transmit information effectively and truthfully without any bias, so that the general public will understand the issues being discussed. An investigative journalist will concentrate on one newsworthy item to investigate from beginning to end. Such a journalist will not report general everyday news. Your job as a journalist could be very interesting as you could meet many new people or even travel to new places [source: Educational Portal]. Read here to find out how to get started on your choice of career.

  1. Get a college degree Earn a bachelor's degree in communications, journalism or English, or perhaps political science if that's your area of interest. If you're thinking of working abroad, learning an appropriate foreign language would be helpful.
  2. Get experience To become a successful journalist you will have to have experience. You can gain experience in tandem with your college studies, by working for your college newspaper or local magazine. You could get an internship with a newspaper in the area of journalism that interests you. If you're not sure what area you want to work in, an internship may help you decide. Your internship will also afford you the opportunity to improve your writing and editing skills.
  3. Get a job Once you have decided what area of journalism you want to work in and whether you want to work in print or broadcast media, send your resume to the appropriate newspapers, magazines, television or radio studios. Join any associations of journalists that you can. Meeting people and networking in the world of journalism will always be helpful [source: Mahalo].

Good luck in your career as a journalist!