How to Become a Fishing Guide

A fishing guide is a person who takes people out on boats and shows, helps and teaches them the art of fishing [source: Monahan]. Fishing guides are on the water almost every day and keep up with what the fish are doing and where they're going. They know the waters and know where to fish safely. As a fishing guide you will be required to teach the passengers on your boat how to hook bait and how to fish [source: Monahan]. Most of your customers will ask you to clean the fish they catch. If you have a passion for fishing it's easy to become a fishing guide. However, you should be aware that it could entail a large cash outlay [source: Payne]. If you're still interested in becoming a fishing guide, continue reading.

  • Learn first aide and CPR. You never know what can happen when you take a boatload of people out fishing [source: Pennsylvania].
  • Decide what type of fishing you want to do and what type of fish you want to catch. Do you prefer fly-fishing or perhaps white-water fishing? Do you want to fish for salmon, carp or trout?
  • Hire a fishing guide to show you all the prime fishing spots in your area. Ask him to show you some tricks of the trade.
  • Obtain all necessary fishing permits and licenses [source: New Hampshire].
  • Purchase fishing rods, plenty of hooks and nets. Before every excursion you will have to purchase live bait [source: Payne].
  • Advertise in state travel guides and in local newspapers. You may also want to print up brochures. Remember, if you don't advertise, people won't know you're in business [source: Payne].
  • Arrange to hire a boat with a captain. If you prefer, you can purchase your own boat. You will have to obtain a captain's license before you can sail your own fishing boat.