How to Become a Fashion Photographer

If you have an eye for photography and an interest in fashion, then becoming a fashion photographer might be for you. As the internet continues to grow, websites will need more and more pictures, right? It may sound like an unreachable dream job, but here's what you can do to become a fashion photographer:

  1. Study photography Getting a steady, entry-level job with a magazine, newspaper or other media company will likely require a college degree in photography or some area related to fashion. For photo assistants, freelancers or private photography studios, a four-year degree may not be necessary, but some formal training program will be. Universities, junior or community colleges, vocational-technical institutes and private trade or technical schools offer courses and programs in photography [source: BLS].
  2. Develop related skills In addition to learning about photography, fashion photographers need a good understanding of related areas. You'll need to know how to use computer programs to prepare and edit images. You'll also need to know about marketing so you can make your pictures more effective. Finally, you'll have to know how to create and maintain a website to showcase your work [source: BLS].
  3. Build a portfolio The most important thing for a fashion photographer is having portfolio of your best photographs [source: Fashion Design Institute]. Magazines and websites will usually want to see a collection of your work before even buying a single photo from you. You should cater your portfolio to each job you're trying to get. You'll need to thematically link the portfolio to what the potential customer is looking for while demonstrating your range of skills [source: fashion net].
  4. Know the fashion industry Be familiar with trends, magazines and designers. Every picture editor has particular styles or themes they stick to. When trying to sell your pictures, find the media that most matches your professional strengths [source: fashion net].
  5. Find a photo agent Photo agents will sell your photographs for you, making your life and income easier. In order to get an agent to represent you, you'll need that strong portfolio [source: fashion net].