How to Become a Blogger

The word "blog" actually is a contraction of the words "web log". A blog is a chronological publication of personal thoughts placed on the web. A blogger is the one who writes those thoughts. A blog is a combination diary and guide-style writing, and contains a mixture of what's happening in the person's life and what's happening on the web. There are blogs for every topic you can think of. In fact, there are as many unique blogs as there are people. Anyone can set up a blog, but the trick is having something interesting to say that people want to read. It's easy to become a blogger. Are you a writer? Can you write articles about the things you know and love? If so, then you can become a blogger. All you have to know is how to write [source: Marketing terms].

Here's how to become a blogger.


  • Create an account with Google and log onto "blogger." You'll be taken to a page where you will enter your data, upload your picture (if you desire) and any information or video you want to show. You will be given the option to allow people to comment. Now write your thoughts, hit "publish" and you're on. Remember, if you set up your blog through Google, Google will own your page.
  • Create your own domain. You can register a domain for your blog or sign up for a free blog at http// If you're registering your own domain, download the software called WordPress, and install it on your website. WordPress is available for free at http//
  • Write and post your article.
  • Keep your articles up to date and add articles at least a few times a week.
  • Keep track of how many "hits" you get (i.e. how many people visit your site). With that information in hand, you can try getting advertisers for your blog page [sources: BBC, Tech Republic].