How to Become a Basketball Coach

A basketball coach organizes amateur and professional athletes and teaches them the fundamental skills of individual and team sports. As a coach, you'll be training athletes for competition by holding practice sessions to perform drills that improve their form, technique skills and stamina. Coaches are also responsible for instilling good sportsmanship, competitive spirit and teamwork, as well as managing the team during practice sessions and competitions. Before a competition, you'll have to evaluate the opposing team to determine game strategies. During a competition, you may have to call for specific plays intended to surprise the opponent and you may have to substitute players as the game develops. Many high-school basketball coaches are primarily teachers of academic subjects who supplement their income by coaching part time [source: BLS]. So let's read on and learn how to become a basketball coach.

  1. Earn a college bachelor's degree in education with a minor in sports training or physical education. While in college it would be beneficial if you worked as a volunteer for the local high school basketball team. If you're a teacher at the high school you may eventually be hired as a coach, since most high schools hire their own staff to be coaches.
  2. If you are want to be a high school or college football coach and your degree is not in the field of education you will be required to take education-related courses such as teaching methods and curriculum planning.
  3. Fulfill the certification requirements in your state. The Board of Education of each state sets its own regulations that high school and college coaches need to fulfill before receiving certification. You will have to demonstrate your subject knowledge and basic coaching skills. You may be required to pass a teacher's licensing exam [source: Education].

With your certificate in hand, you are ready to look for employment.