How to Become a Bank Teller

A bank teller is the main point of contact between the bank and the customer. The bank teller must be able to handle numerous tasks in a courteous and helpful way. A bank teller's responsibilities include:

  • Cashing checks
  • Dealing with customer issues
  • Processing deposits
  • Promoting bank services
  • Processing withdrawals [source: degreefinders]

Here's what you must do to become a bank teller:

  1. Earn a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma. Be sure to study math and a foreign language.
  2. Take related college courses such as office skills, communications, math and finance, to better prepare you for the job. Many banks are more willing to hire someone with this type of educational background.
  3. Get some cash-handling experience, by working for a retail store, supermarket, or financial company.
  4. Get some customer-service experience. Many banks require tellers to have at least six months of such experience.
  5. Apply for a teller position at a bank. If your application is accepted, you may have to go through a screening process that includes drug testing and background checks for previous convictions of crimes, especially breach of trust and dishonesty. All this is necessary in order for the bank to be bondable. The bank you apply to may have additional requirements as well.
  6. Take your job seriously. Remember, you are dealing with people's money. Dependability and efficiency are vital, as is good record-keeping skills [source: tellercareers].