How to Become a Singer

By: Contributors

Do you enjoy singing? Would you like to become a singer? Just follow the steps listed below, and you'll be on your way!

  • Make sure you really have a good singing voice. Ask an honest, impartial party -- not a family member or friend -- how you sing.
  • Take voice lessons. Although this isn't required, it will help you get closer to your goal.
  • Learn to dance. Singers often move around the stage when performing.
  • Learn how to present yourself to the audience. Taking acting lessons may help you overcome stage fright and exude confidence.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Set up an imaginary stage or sing in front of a mirror. Practice moving around the stage and engaging with your audience [source: Wishart].
  • Volunteer your services at charity events. This will give you experience and get your name out there [source: Wishart].
  • Enter singing contests. Enter local ones that are advertised on TV and radio, as well as bigger, more famous ones like "America's Got Talent" and "American Idol" [source: Hawkins].
  • Join a band as the vocalist. Check local music shops for bulletins about bands seeking singers [source: Wishart].
  • Record demo CDs and send them to recording companies that are interested in your type of music. (Make sure the recording company accepts unsolicited demos first [source: Musicouch].)
  • Find an agent. Look in the phone book or ask other singers for recommendations.
  • Join an amateur musical society [source: Wishart].
  • Audition for singing roles in television shows, movies and plays [source: Hawkins].
  • Get singing gigs at parties and events. Leave your business card after every performance [source: Hawkins].

Be prepared for rejection, and don't get discouraged. There are lots of people who want to work in the music industry, so you'll have to work very hard to get your foot in the door.