3 Tips For Hiding Your Computer Screen at Work

There are several things that computer users can do to hide their computer screens from intrusive bosses. See more computer pictures.
Michael L. Abrenson/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

The modern office presents a unique problem. The same technology you use to do work is the same technology you use to have fun: a computer with high-speed Internet access.­

Back when office equipment consisted of a typewriter and a mimeograph machine, there weren't as many temptations. But now, from the comfort of your cubicle you can instant message with buddies, check sports scores, shop for new shoes, watch silly videos on YouTube, read The New York Times from cover to cover, play videogames and e-mail your grandma.

What's a cubicle slave to do? You have to learn the time-honored techniques for keeping your online procrastination a secret. The most important trick is to hide any chat windows or Web browser windows that contain non-work-related activities at the first hint that your boss is approaching.

Here are three simple ways to keep your screen to yourself.