5 Active Ways for Baby Boomers to Volunteer


Support a Cause You Believe In

Are you passionate about a cause? Interested in helping individuals who are less fortunate or who battle a specific disease? Find an organization that shares your concerns and volunteer your time for a rewarding experience. If you need help finding volunteer opportunities in your community, head to Web sites like VolunteerMatch or United We Serve.

You'll find hundreds of ways to volunteer, whether making phone calls to ask for donations or support, representing the organization at community gatherings, preparing mailings, serving meals, or even planning special fund-raising events that range from black tie dinners to 5K races. Or you may choose to help others repair their homes or clean up the environment following a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, flood or forest fire.

Whatever you choose, volunteering makes a difference in the world around you -- and helping others is something you can feel good about.

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