10 Tips for Finding Volunteer Vacations

You can make a difference all over the world.
You can make a difference all over the world.
Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

When many people plan their vacations, they look for a place that allows them to rest and escape from their daily lives. But that's certainly not the case with everyone. For those looking to participate in a little civic action while getting away from the daily grind, volunteer vacations can be a great way to help struggling communities and learn more about unfamiliar places.

By its definition, a volunteer vacation is anything that combines volunteer work and travel. You can also choose to play to the skills you already have or try to learn new ones. This might include helping restore or rebuild houses after a natural disaster, teaching your native tongue to foreign schoolchildren or even contributing to large-scale archaeological digs.

We'll be taking a look at different tips to ensure your volunteer vacation will be successful and enjoyable. After all, it's still a vacation.