10 Baby Boomer Volunteer Opportunities


Senior Companions

Baby boomers are predicted to live far longer than their parents. The average life expectancy is now 83 years, but thanks to improving diets and exercise, many will stay active and healthy into their 90s and beyond [source: Harvard School of Public Health]. In many ways, they're changing the image and attitude of aging. If you're a boomer lucky enough to feel young and energetic, you can show your appreciation by donating time to those who aren't as fortunate.

The Senior Companions Program of the Corporation for National and Community Service matches folks who are 55 and older with elderly individuals and families in the community who can use some extra help. These are non-medical volunteer positions, so you wouldn't be acting as a home care nurse. Instead, you'd help relieve overburdened family members by spending one or two afternoons a week with an elderly person. You can cook meals, do laundry, pick up groceries or medication, and even give rides back and forth to doctor's appointments. You'll help restore someone's sense of independence, allowing him or her to stay home despite any diminished physical capabilities.